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    amita miti

      Hi Mr. Kate! I reallllllyyyy need your help. So I will be moving to a new apartment next month and currently facing a living/dining/kitchen room decorating dilemma. This apartment comes with their built in kitchen set (light wood finishing).

      We recently custom made a tv console with a washed-off dark brown matte finishing. While our dining table has this glossy red teak finishing. We are supposed to get a marble dining table, but it has a really bad defects, so we rushed to get this dining table instead. 🙁 As you can see from the picture below, that my all-in space has this 3 different dominant wood textures.

      The problem is with all these different wood textures, the whole apartment doesnt look blend in together. Can you suggest how to fix this? I cant just throw the dining table or tv console out because its a brand new. Please help!

      Oh and I bought some brass accessories too



      Mr. Kate


        My advice would be to embrace the mix! Adding mixed metal will really help the mixed wood tones look more intentional, so you’re already on the right idea with the brass accessories! Brushed nickel and muted copper are good tones to mix in as well.

        From the pictures, it looks like you need something going on on your walls, as well. Start hanging some art on the walls, and you’ll be happy with how the dark blocks of wood at hip level suddenly appear a lot less bulky. Interior design is truly 360 degrees, so focus up and away from your wood furniture and I think you’ll be happy with the results!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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