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    Alexa Mutchler

      OKAY. If you’ve seen my posts on the facebook page for Little Misters, you’ll know we’re BUYING A HOUSE WHAT THE HECK. I’m a little antsy as I’ve bought dining room chairs without a table and even without a house (we haven’t closed yet)! I soooooo need help finding a dining room table.

      These are the chairs we bought (4 of them):


      This is an image of the dining room as is. We are going to lay dark neutral hardwood floors throughout the entire house, and we’re going to have very light neutral gray walls with bright white trim. The color palette for the house so far is gray, white, gold/brass and natural elements (we’re going to have butcher block wood countertops in the kitchen, plants, etc.).

      I’ve saved the following images of tables that I like, but looking back on the space, I feel like we should probably get an oval table instead of a round one? I definitely don’t want a square because I think everything in that area of the house has very sharp straight lines, as do the chairs, that I want something softer, with more soft movement.



      I’d obviously put a rug underneath (though with an oval table I’m not sure which kind of rug I should do – probably free form, but those are usually animal skins and I’m noooooooot into that haha), we’ll hang a new light, and we’re going to put new curtains up with a tall plant in the corner probably.
      Here is my pinterest board with dining room tables so you can get a feel for my style – keep in mind I just had the epiphany of the oval table.

      AHHHHHHHHH what to do?! I’ll also post this on the Little Misters facebook page for their help as well.


      Thanks so much, Kate! You’re such an inspiration, and I’m so happy to have my own place (almost!) to stretch my creative weirdo muscles and try out interior design – something I’ve always been too scared to do!


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Alexa,

        Thanks for posting!! I’m so excited for your new home adventures and you clearly already have so much planned! It’s going to look amazing!!

        I love those chairs you’ve selected, they’re so sleek yet fun! I have a round kitchen table at home, in a smaller, angular area of the home like your table will be in, and the circular shape is great! I like it because it gives the room a lot of space, which, if you opt for the oval table, is something I would keep in mind, as it could push you closer to the walls on either end.

        An oval table will have two sides with pretty straight lines, so if you do decide on that shape, consider a table cloth or runner to bring some draping and softness into play.

        As far as the table itself, I would opt for something that really grounds the space. The kitchen table is the heart of that room, it’s where everyone gathers, so it should have a certain gravitas to it. That’s not to say that you need to go find a big, heavy piece of furniture! Just opt for something with a presence that can ground the sleeker and lighter kitchen chairs you’ve picked out. This pin, from my Places and Spaces Pinterest board, is a good example of that type of table/ chair dynamic!

        It really sounds like you have great instincts for this kitchen already, so good luck and keep me updated on how it turns out!


        Mr. Kate & Team


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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