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    Lymarie Santana

      Hi all!

      I’ll be moving into my FIRST one bedroom apartment fairly quickly and although I’m in school studying interior design, I’d love some suggestions and help on the living/dinning area of my new pad! The space will have to be in one, and it’s pretty long. I’m really feeling a big, cozy and inviting sectional as the main seating for the living room and a high table with stools as the dinning room table. I’m still trying to think up layout, colors, decor, and small little accents. What are some ideas and suggestions you can give me to make my small dinning/living room space AAMAAAZZINNGG!?

      • I’d love a table that can seat 4-6 people
      • I’m BIG on entertaining.
      • I’d like a high dining table like this, but I would like it in a different color for sure.


      • My partner loves dark pieces, and so this is something we are going for in regards to the living room space
      • I’m still deciding what colors and pieces will compliment this because it is a big dark piece in the living room

      • This is an example of the floor plan of my apartment. It’s pretty open
      • Sadly– there is carpet throughout, but I’d still like to play on the layering rug method to get some more texture and also save the white/cream carpet from getting warn out and dirty
      • The walls are all white– we do plan on painting some rooms (not sure what color yet)
      • The ceilings are very high 10′-0″
      • There is an awkward pillar in the room for support that can not be removed šŸ™

      Mr. Kate

        Hi Lymarie!!

        Congrats on moving into your new apartment! It’s so cool that you study interior design, I’m sure your place is going to look amazing!

        This open living/ dining room area reminds me a lot of layout of Katie & Tom’s apartment that we made over for OMG We’re Coming Over! They had a large, dark sofa like the one you pictured, and needed to find a way to make one open room serve two different functions.

        I think a rug under the sofa area will really help section it off and make it its own complete concept. Add on a coffee table (maybe one made of glass to counter the darkness of the sofa) to tie that area together in a way that is inviting and functional.

        A bar table is a great choice for an apartment where you don’t have a set-apart space for a dining room. They’re tall, but usually not too large, so they don’t take up more space than is available. A design trick I would recommend (and also one I used in Katie & Tom’s place) is to not get matching chairs! Instead of getting a table and chair set like in the picture you uploaded, bring some color and style into the space with different chairs ā€” maybe even choose two styles and mix and match them!

        I hope this helps!! Please feel free to ask any more questions!!

        Much love –



        mike brown

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          Omer Linkous

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