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    Mr. Kate

      Hey everyone!

      As you all have seen on Office Goals, going through all the DIY supplies we have accumulated over the years was *quite* the task. In the months since, we’ve made some awesome things with them too, like the DIY Pom-Pom Sandals and these DIY Geometric Wall Pockets that I just die over.


      But! I realized recently that we have a huge box full of just feathers! Feathers of all shapes, sizes, colors … you name it! We’ve made some feather DIYs in the past (like the DIY Feather Shoulder Accessory and the DIY Minimalist Dreamcatchers) … but I’m always on the look for new things to try out!


      Tell me, what would you DIY with all these extra feathers! Show me what you’ve made before, or just throw out ideas that come to mind!

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with!





        I had some ideas for DIYs with feathers:

        – you could paint the tips metallic for a minimalist look

        – if the feathers are white you could dip dye them with a diluted dye and do an ombre look

        – you could take a detail paint brush and do small/intricate designs on them

        Any of these can be made into:

        – earrings by taking a dangly earring base and gluing the feathers to it

        – wall decor by gluing the feathers onto twine or some type of string and tying many strings of different lengths onto a branch/stick


        Morven Lyngstad

          Cats love feathers…maybe you can make some cat toys


          Morven Lyngstad

            I recently got another cat and I experimented a bit with different materials trying to make some cat toys. I searched Pinterest and found some fun ideas

            I saw a glove with strings coming out of each finger with different toys/things in the end. I tried making it, but I used string instead of elastic and they kept tangling up




              The first thing that popped into my head was some sort of feather and flower crown/headpiece situation.

              You could either go super bright and colourful for Summer, or use darker earthy tones for all you Northern Hemisphere folk coming into Autumn.

              I also love the cat toy idea too šŸ˜»šŸ˜»šŸ˜»



              Amantha Hons

                I remember that the Junk Gypsies did a lamp shade chandelier with gold dipped feathers once! Maybe you could try a cool light fixture or wall hanging?


                Guess a lamp could be a great diy idea for feathers…


                Another idea: – white feathered curtains as an it piece

                – wall art with feathers (for example painting flamingoes on canvas and hotglue pink feathers on the flamingoe – 3D effect)


                kaliegh derting

                  maybe some canvas art with like a bunch of vertical feathers covering the canvas

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