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    Charlotte Hartley

    Hi Kate! Me and my partner are in the process of buying a house (We’re in the UK) I’ve attached pictures of the living room (Stairs lead down to kitchen) There is a little area behind the fireplace which I’m planning on turning into a play area for my 15 month olds toys (So I can hide them as they currently drive me mad)

    I was after some advice on the fireplace. A few people have said they would knock out the brick, I liked it when I first saw it but now I’m not sure. Also do you have any tips for the space as it is an unusual shape (Behind the chimney breast it’s like a little triangle shaped area) To the left in the picture you can see that you can see through the little gap (the fireplace is basically not against any walls (I hope this makes sense)

    Dimensions of the room 4.9m x 5m increasing to 7.9 m.

    I like off whites, pastels and gold if you have any tips regarding decor.


    Thank you!



    katie tooley

    Charlotte, l love the stone and I think it is smart to keep it. I also really love the wall paper. I think if you painted the stone white and places some of those white animal bust above the fire place it would look really nice. I also think you could build a simple built in shelf on the left side of the fireplace. That would take away from the weird indent between the brick chimney and the fireplace.

    Here are some images I found


    painted stone

    painted stone


    wall paper fireplace 2


    wallpaper fireplace

    animal bust

    animal bust


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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