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    Catherine Allen

      Has anyone here had experience with residential front door security?

      I am a businessman. As a part of my business, I have to travel always. At that time my wife and kids are alone at home. There has been a recent uptick in home invasions in which intruders or robbers simply kick in the front door. It doesn’t seem to matter to them if people are home or not. That’s why I was thinking about installing an extra layer of security when my family is alone at home.

      Most of us install security cameras and alarms. But how many of us has reinforced the frame of the door? What steps have you taken in protecting your front door? Most of the doors have small strike plates with a deadbolt which rips right out of the frame or the deadbolt rips right out of the door. This is really the only thing you need to defend against.

      Nowadays, I think the thieves prefer to kick in front doors because alarm systems tend to be located near the front entrance of the house. If they get in quickly, they can rip the console out of the wall before the alarm goes off. That’s the main reason why I’m interested in securing the front door taking the help of emergency lockout services of Toronto.

      Our front door is strong and it has a lock, deadbolt, and a chain. But I’m planning to install a high-security lock which is stylish as well as secure and where key duplication cannot take place easily. The main advantage of it is that there can be a control of the exact number of keys are made.

      All those with more suggestions do share it.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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