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    Tahiya Shidaad

      I am having some difficulties with the finishing touches of my L shaped hallway in my apartment. Not sure what direction to take for the lights, wall colour and how or if I should fill the empty wall spaces.

      My hallway has no window so the only light source is when I leave the doors opened or switch on the lights. It is because of this that I am unsure of how to decorate it.I want it to be light and airy.

      I have included pictures of how my L shaped hallway looks when the doors are closed and opened. Also some inspirational pictures. Thanking you in advance with any feedback or suggestions you may have.

      View of the hallway with doors opened and lights off. Any suggestions for the empty wall space at the far end?

      View from the front door on the other side of the hallway when all the doors are opened and the light is off. I want to put a bench on the opposite wall of the heater,as seating for when putting on or taking off shoes when you come in.

      View of the hallway when all the doors are closed and the light is on. There are two lights in the hallway and this is one of them.

      View of the front door on the other side of the hallway with all the doors closed and the lights on.This is the other light in the hallway. I want to put calligraphy art above the bench on the opposite wall of the heater.

      This is the view when standing in front of the front door when you first Walk into the apartment. This is with the doors opened and lights off. I intend to do a built-in with mirrored sliding doors in this alcove.

      Inspiration for the two light fixtures in the hallway. I want a light fixture that mounts onto the ceiling as the ceiling is low.

      Inspiration for the bench in the hallway. A narrow bench with similar wood colour.

      Inspiration for the wall colour as my doors are white and the skirting boards too.

      Another inspiration for the wall colour. I am not sure which direction to go,can I use a dark colour or should I stick to a light colour taking into consideration that there is no window in the hallway to let in natural light.I want the space to feel light and airy.

      Thanks again Tia 😘


      Audrey Tenorio

        The last one looks cool. I like it.


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Tia!

          Thanks for posting!! All these pictures are super helpful, and I can tell you’ve put a lot of great thought into your hallway design! I really like where you are going, especially with the bench, the calligraphy art, and the built-in! How chic!

          I would recommend a lighter color for the walls. Something as dark as that navy will make the hallway seem smaller, and not open and airy as you intend. A grey or blue are great color choices, but I would definitely opt for a lighter shade.

          As for the wall at the end of the hallway — a full length mirror or macrame wall hanging could fit well into that space! The mirror would serve more function, as a place to check your OOTD one last time before you head out the door, and you can always hit up thrift stores or flea markets to find vintage mirrors with interesting frames! A macrame hanging would bring more of a modern boho vibe into the space. If the white or natural colored ones aren’t your exact vibe, check out Etsy or some other shops online, there are endless options of shapes, sizes, and colors those woven hangings come in nowadays!

          Hope this helps! Best of luck finishing up your hallway! Let me know how it comes out!


          Mr. Kate & Team


          Tahiya Shidaad

            Thank you both for your feedback. Mr Kate and team thank you for all the suggestions and tips, at least I now know what direction to take to finally complete​ my hallway. I’m excited to finally start picking things because I now have a clear direction as to what am doing. Will keep you updated with any progress.

            Thank you again, Tia 😘

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