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      Hi Kate, my dad is letting me decorate his hallway and im really excited. I have a lot of ideas but i cant choose what ones to do so i thought i would get your opinion on what to do. He wont like bright colours and would like more of a masculine feel to the room. The rest of his house is black grey and white so i would like to stick to that colour scheme. There is pretty much nothing in it. He hasnt ever really decorated it since moving in. It looks like this:

      I bought him a record player for Christmas and yesterday bought a vintage HIFI unit for the little part of the wall that goes in. Its dark wood (not in the nicest way) but i want to sand it or paint it. Im not really sure what design to do on the cabinet though. Any ideas?

      I was thinking of doing this wooden wall on the longer wall but paint it white to keep the hall looking airy and add a bit of texture?

      Then change the mirror out for either a retro picture to match the record player or another more decorative mirror. I was thinking of painting the sunken in wall dark grey but im worried it will make the wall appear smaller. For the corner wall part i was thinking of doing something decorative but havent made my mind up yet, maybe silver steel metal sheets? I was going to add a rug and change the shelf to a more rustic one, maybe with leather belts holding it up. I wanted to keep his foo fighters picture but change the frame. Add some plants and decorative stuff to the shelf. What do you think? Do you have any better ideas? Thanks!:)


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Holly!

        Thanks for posting! Sounds like you have a lot of ideas, your dad is a lucky guy! I would say that since this is such a small space, start with the smaller and more approachable ideas, because they will end up looking a lot bigger and more significant when completed because of the size of the room.

        I like the idea of painting the sunken wall gray, and if you think it will make it look too small — perhaps a medium to lighter shade of gray? I also like the ideas of changing the mirror, implementing a hanging shelf, and adding a rug. Those changes will make a big difference and you’ll have a very well designed hallway!

        Let me know how it comes out when you’re done!

        Good luck!

        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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