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    Miranda Nagel

      Hello everyone!

      I am a longtime fan of Mr. Kate and her style is such an inspiration to me. I just moved into a new college (rented) home with some of my best friends and life is great! I’m normally really great with home decor and such, but for some reason, I am stuck and can’t decide what I want to do. My room is super strange set up with one wall being made up entirely of these super ugly run down doors that house my closet and the wall across from that has these two awkwardly long rectangular shaped windows. I have my bed in the middle of the room against the wall and my desk and chair across from that. I’m going to be a senior this year so I would love to have items that I can take with me to wherever I end up next and grow with but also that I love and represent who me.  love boho, modern and industrial vibes but also love when things look super cozy and inviting. Here’s a link to my Pinterest board so you have an idea of what I mean:

      I feel very unmotivated in my room and so stuck with how to design it, please help Mr.Kate and everyone else here, I could really use your help!!!!

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