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    Jewel Ng


      Hai Mr kate, i need ur help in terms of giving me idea of redoing my room. I visualise my room to look spacious & minimalist . My Colour plattete would be neutral Colours. I have alot of books bags soft toys & clothes,. I hope there is place for everything :>
      My family have agreed to me getting of the drawer (it broke)


      Natalie W


        i know I’m not mr. Kate (sorry šŸ˜‚šŸ˜¬) but I think I can help you. Your room seems small, like mine, and I am re decoration too so here are some of the things I think:

        -try painting ur furniture ( like ur bed and dresser ) pale colors (white, light pink…) and adding accent accessories (lamps, trinkets) that u can paint as well

        -take this opportunity to go through ur junk and sort out what u really want to keep and donate/throw away the rest

        -definitely check out flea markets and thrift stores (research them first becuase some just sell clothes or jewelry and that wouldn’t be what u are looking for)

        -diy ur own wall art. Like this u can have the exact look your going for

        thats all,

        i hope it was helpful!




        Mr. Kate

          Hey guys!

          I definitely agree with Nat that going through all of your stuff is a great place to start your redecorating process. Everything is piled up, so it must be hard to even realize what you have! Sort through it all, and this will help you not only eliminate what is not needed but organize the remaining things into themes that can then be put away accordingly.

          Painting your furniture is a great way to get that neutral, minimalist feel, and if you still find that you don’t have enough storage, consider getting a set of nice white baskets for above the tall storage unit or a clean white bookshelf for that corner that is filled with things! Storage is definitely key but it can also be great to design and decorate! I helped Chriselle Lim decorate some shelves in her home, for a point of reference for that mix of storage and design.

          Hope this helps! Best of luck!


          Mr. Kate and Team

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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