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    Megan Hunter

      Hi guys,
      I’m Megan I am 18 and my parents just bought a new house in colorado and even though i will only live there in the summer they said i could decorate my own room. This is the room I will be staying in when i visit them for a VERY long time. So I want this room to be something that is timeless and grown up. I am currently thinking black and white with pops of color. I got to the problem of getting mostly white furniture or black furniture.

      Would it look odd to have most of met furniture (i.e. nightstands, dresser, and desk) white, and then having a black bed frame???

      Also if i do get white nightstands dresser and desk, how does marble contact paper look???

      Would it look Weird to have mostly black and white everything and then have light sea foam green walls? (its my favorite color)

      Is this a good idea or should I go back to the drawing board!!!

      Thanks guys,


      Cassie Lockridge

        Hi Mr. Kate,

        I need help desperately. I am a new college student and I’ve been living in the same room for years now and now that I’m in college, I need a more functional room. Which I don’t have. I have no storage space and it feels cramped. I’ve got two beds because I have family that come over and my room is the only one clean enough to have guests in. I just need a lot of help and advice to fix this room so that it is functional enough for a new college student who is going to live here for years to come.

        Cassie Lockridge


        Deanna Josephs


          Hi Mr.Kate,

          i am in need of help desperately. i am wanting to re-do my bedroom in an all black and white theme with a splash of Ā green via fake plants and i am also really into K -pop and South Ā Korean things like the language, fashion and the Uni. the main things that i am wanting to keep in my room is a black bed frame two black side table and a black desk (the one you can pull over you bed like the hospitalĀ ones) my main theme for my bedroom that i am really wanting to achieve is aĀ minimalist bedroom that is black and white. Please help me


          thank you anyway for taking the time to even read this hoping to hear back


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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