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      hey mr.kate!
      i love you and your style so so much!! here is my question: i’m 13 years old and at my age it’s really weird to dress up cool and crazy but i wanna do it with out looking weird or something. what do you think i should do? love -dancejuicyjuicygirl-



        Hi Dancejuicyjuicygirl!

        I love that you love my style! Thank you!

        I have been dressing wacky, crazy, cool or weird for my whole life. It really is in the eye of the beholder as to which one of the former adjectives they may use describe my personal sense of style. Fortunately, I’ve always dressed for my own enjoyment and not the opinions of others. I was shy in junior high and the beginning of high school but style was always the way I expressed myself. Whether it was kool-aid colored hair, vinyl pants or blue lipstick, I was always a bit “different” but always had fun!

        My advice is to take chances with your style. There will always be people judging or critiquing you, no matter what you wear or what you do. The exercise is to recognize that those people’s opinions don’t matter because they’re not encouraging you to express your true self. Especially at your age, you should be experimenting with your style and seeing what works for you, your comfort level and your creative vision.

        I’d start with one wild card as part of an overall outfit. See what works for you and feels the best and you’ll start identifying your own “kooky” style.


        Wear something “normal” and then wear purple lipstick.
        Wear a funky pair of platforms with cut off shorts and a slouchy t-shirt.
        Wear an arm-full of mis-matched bracelets with a cute, floral, summer dress.
        Wear neon skinny jeans in place of your regular jeans…

        You get the idea – just start replacing one “normal” article of clothing or accessory with a “wildcard” thing that makes you excited to face your day! As long as you turn your nose up at the haters, you will have a great time and ultimately become a stronger and more complex person! Break A Leg at the performance of Life, my friend!


        – kate

        PS – here are some old photos of me from junior high and high school to let you know that my “craziness” started way back ; )

        Me at 14 years old in a green wig that I used to wear all the time – I even wore it to my 8th Grade graduation. then in a usual outfit for me consisting of a tiara, fur-collared, floor-length, mesh jacket and vamp lipstick.

        Me at 15 years old wearing a bandana as a shirt, crazy pompom pig tails and a black ribbon as a choker.

        Me at age 16 or 17 accepting my award for Children’s Jumper Champion at a horse show wearing pink snakeskin, vinyl pants. Most kids wore the usual English riding uniform with coat and pants to accept their awards… but obviously I didn’t ; )

        see more old photos of me – including my ‘pixie cut’ here!

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