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      Hey Mr.Kate,

      I’m a big fan of you and Joey and I love your work, style, energy, and your Youtube channel.

      I need help deciding the future of this vanity stool lol. I redecorated my bedroom and got this new awesome vanity; but when it was time to get a stool I found this in my parent’s home that they didn’t want anymore, and that that I could use it; and its the perfect length. The problem is that it has more of a vintage-ish vibe and my bedroom is all modern with white furniture, and colors like white, grey, light pink, and hints of black as well. How can I upcycle this stool into matching the vibe of my room?

      Should I change the legs of chair? or just spray paint them? The fabric on the top is defiantly going, but what should I go for? light pink fabric? or like grey to match the headboard of my bed? HELP! 😀

      THANK YOU! <3


      Ava Fall


        I think you should keep the legs. It would match your theme well if you painted the stool white, and then reupholstered it with light pink or white faux fur.

        Hope this helps!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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