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    Barbara Parsons

      Mr. Kate and Little Misters— HELP! I recently got an internship and every day is business casual… but I wanna spice it up a bit with out being over the top. How would you put a unique twist on the classic business casual wear to make killer outfits? Let me know! 🙂


      Denise Olivares

        A dilemma I know all to well 🙁 When I was working at a stuffy law firm for a few years I felt totally stifled when having to share an elevator with the “hip” people from the advertising firm in the building, they always looked so fun and relaxed. If you’re able to get a few staple pieces, a light colored blazer or pants with a fun (but appropriate) pattern on them would be great additions to your wardrobe. You can pair a blazer or cardigan with a cute dress to make it work appropriate. I also showed my own unique sense of style with makeup – a fun pop of color your lips while not too over the top can definitely kick up any look.

        If those are a no go then you can also experiment with your hair. Up-dos, half pony tails or braids can look well put together and professional while showing your personality. Hope that helps!


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Barbara!

          This is so exciting! Internships are a great way to dip your toe into the professional world, and definitely the time to explore what your business style will be!

          I agree with Denise that it’s all about balance and picking one piece to pop while the others play a little more by the rules. I actually demonstrated this advice in a blog post about styling quirky business outfits! We also made a moodboard a few months ago all about playing up nontraditional suit styles, like a shorts suit or a skirt suit (the latter of which is probably more appropriate for your internship!)

          I think another cool idea to bring some you into the your office attire is to DIY a blazer!! I’ve upcycled blazers before using splatter paint, pretty patterned stencils, and, for an edgy twist, safety pins!!

          I hope this can help inspire you!! Make sure to post some of your business OOTDs to the Style Forum!!



          Melissa Darling

            oh i love dressing business chic at my job! my trick to doing it is to wear 1-2 business casual pieces and then 1 chic piece that POPS! and of course… go crazy with your shoes and jewelry! 😉 and a cute hairstyle of course! some outfits i put together (wish i had pictures!)

            – casual work pants, casual blazer, sparkly top

            – watercolor pencil skirt, plain collared button-up shirt with a chunky necklace around the collar, bright colored shoes

            – pastel pants/capris, lace heels, plain top, lace blazer, pearl jewelry

            – chunky jewelry, bright-colored blazer, ruffled shirt, pencil skirt, sparkly shoes

            my hairstyles range from braids to curls to poofs to high-ponytails… i’ll have to do a little photoshoot to show my outfits haha 🙂 but pinterest gave me a lot of these ideas! all us little misters will need to follow each other to show these ideas!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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