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    McKenzie Gomez

      I have a huge chalkboard in my room but I never use it. I want to make it into something more useful but I don’t know what to make it into. I would love for some feedback on what to do!!! My room theme is light pink with vintage plates with roses on one wall and gold accents throughout my room. This is the only part of my room that bothers me… Thank you so much!!


      Spandana Vajrala

        Hello Little Mister,

        I’m already imagining your room as a place with lots of vintage vibes. I guess chalkboards are a thing nowadays. They are functional and customizable, which is great! I can’t wait to hear Kate’s tips on this. But I do have some initial thoughts. Hope you find them helpful. 

        Since Halloween is close by, have you thought of creating a nice cozy corner in your room with some DIY pumpkins, spooky skulls, fall leaves, candles etc? Since chalk board has that perfect black color, you can use it as the background, draw some spiders, place a netted fabric and create a Halloween corner. Because #whynot? You can keep changing the theme for every season.

        Another idea could be using it near your study/work area. You can do some DIY there too, by placing some serial lights along the border, tassels, hang pictures, write weird stuff, make a to-do corner etc. It will just be you.

        You can place a tall plant in a corner and hang the chalk board vertically beside the plant, write some beautiful quotes. Here are some pictures I found online, that might help you get some inspiration. Let us know what you did!




        Mr. Kate

          Hey McKenzie!!

          So there are two things I think you could do with this chalkboard. But it depends on if you need it for practical reasons or not.

          If you do, I would keep it as is in the room and only use chalk colors (maybe chalk pens?) like white and pink. Maybe gold?!! I mean … #whynot?

          If you don’t need to use this as a chalkboard, it would be really cool to mount another framed painting in the center of it, having the chalkboard acting as a second mat and frame! What’s more, it would be a *writable* mat!! So cool! You could write a poem or little notes or designs around the image. For the picture itself, I would go to a thrift store or find a cool vintage painting of roses or something else feminine to match the style of your space.

          I hope this helps! Excited to see what you do with it!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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