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      hiya mr. kate!!

      i am a 21 year old lady, just chasing her dreams in this crazy world. since graduating college, i have worked two full time jobs almost every week, so i could live on my own and just pay my bills. i decided it was time to star letting my light shine, so i chose to move 1,000 miles away, to Charleston, SC, to start over. i just accepted the job i have been dreaming of for since i was eleven, things are looking up!!

      charleston is an awe inspiring place, i struggle to find words to describe it. my new house is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, built in 1870.  i can’t wait to my it my home!!

      here’s the problem…. i always have so many ideas in my head of what i want my home to look like, but none of them are ever exactly what i want. i know pictures are inspiration for you to see, but i never know where to branch out to next. it’s gotten to the point where my last apartment had zero decor at all, except photo frames on coffee tables. just furniture in a big empty room.

      i am so stinkin excited about this new chapter in my life, i want my home to be my oasis and also a spot where all my family and friends can come over for endless laughs and fun times!

      i think my issue is, i don’t know my style or how reflect the designs and colors that make me happy into the space. I love the image of rustic, romantic but.. I LOVE COLORS! Aqua shades  are number one, purples, mints, etc. I love all shades of bright and pastel colors. my dream for my master bedroom is to have a whimsical, romantic DIY canopy with lights and possibly flowers, BUT i also want those colors in there too so it’s bright and happy. maybe sneak some wood elements in there too. i have to do all of this while on a really really low budget, like some grocery money will be used to buy a bed 😬

      girls got a vision in her head, but doesn’t know where to go with it next. Any advice?? 🙂


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