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    Brittany Laird

      What are your favorite iPhone editing apps? Or what you use to edit your photos? I currently use snapseed and vsco but always looking for new stuff. Thanks!



      Dannie Fountain

        I use PicTapGo, you can save your editing recipes and create custom filters šŸ™‚


        Mr. Kate

          I love VSCO too and that’s what I’ve been using lately – I’ve even forked over the $2.99 for more of their filter packages. I also really like Afterlight because you can fine tune the photo and add white borders, etc. For photo correcting, I like FaceTune which allows you to easily zap out blemishes and I love the ‘details’ button to sharpen eyes and jewelry in photos, you can also whiten your teeth and the whites of your eyes if the filter casts a hue.



            My favourite editing app is Aviary. It is amazing! Sooooo many ways to edit your photos and it’s pretty straightforward to use šŸ˜Š


            Brittany Laird

              I keep trying to like Afterlight but I’m so spoiled with Snapseed being able to use a brush to adjust exposure, saturation and what not. I’ll have to give Aviary a try!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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