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    Naomi Durman

      Hi Kate! I just recently discovered your channel on youtube and I adore your style and personality!

      I recently moved into a new home and it’s slowly coming together. One area that I’m having trouble figuring out is the kitchen area. I’ve been searching for a dining set that is small enough to fit in the space by the window and also compliments the kitchen and the rest of the furniture throughout the living room. I’m not sure what color, finish, style would work best in this space.

      Our Kitchen:

      Other side of kitchen:

      Our living room has a lot of darker wood/industrial furniture which we love. Should we carry that same style into the kitchen too? Or will it stick out too much compared to the colors in the kitchen?

      Our living room:

      I’ve also been wondering if I should paint the kitchen cabinets? Would greatly appreciate any advice you have!!


      andrea cusack

        If you can’t get a right size of furniture that fits your kitchen, that because all are pre-made on certain and standard sizes, however some offers but maybe that are hard to find,. What you can do is request a custom made instead like what I did, after requesting this kind of table, from the said company to resize my custom made order the way I want, and sure I did got a good and uniquely made one.


        Taylor Waddell

          I say either to get something that matches the coffee table in the living room or get something that is white because your fireplace and appliances are white. And either get a small square or circle.


          or something like this in a different finish.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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