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      Hi Mr. Kate –

      I’ve had light blue walls pretty much all my life, and I’m not allowed to paint my walls anymore. I was wondering if you had any tips to get a more bohemian neutral feel to the room, even with the wall color. Thank you!😘


      Spandana Vajrala

        Hi Alexa!

        I’m a little mister like you, who loves to follow everybody’s q&a to learn from the team. I personally love light baby blue! It’s such a pleasant color which has color and neutral vibe. It’s great that you have light blue walls. But I think it’s better not to over-do our favorite color in a room. So, to keep it more neutral, I think adding light blush pink (Mr.Kate’s fave) and tan/grey/white to the color palette, depending on whether you want to keep your room cool toned or warm toned, is a good idea. I wouldn’t add more blue to the room. Have you seen Mr.Kate’s video on 3 ways to decorate a dorm room?

        I think you can get a lot of inspiration from it.  Have you looked into removable wallpapers? They are a great alternative if you can’t paint your room. You can choose an accent wall and fill with wallpaper. Make a gallery wall with metallic frames to hide some more blue. Add more metallics of your choice as accent pieces. Here are some pictures that might inspire you a little bit. 🙂 Keep us posted!

        Neutral bedroom with blue wallsBlue walls


        Spandana Vajrala

          OMG! And yes, how can I forget the #OWAC episode with MannyMUA? I think it has everything you need. Loads of neutrals, lots of DIY. Honestly, every time Kate does a room transformation, I’ll be like, “Ahh yes! now I know my favorite color palette.” This has been going on for a while now.



            Hi –

            Thank you so much for your help! I love your ideas for hiding the blue with metallic frames, and adding neutrals to the room. I’ve watched the videos you mentioned, but I think this is a good time to rewatch them!❤️


            Mr. Kate

              Hey Alexa!!

              I personally think light blue walls could lend themselves to a bohemian look really well! It will be unexpected and chic!

              I advise to keep the decor neutral like creams and mixed metals or wood. Nothing too shiny. Incorporate blue and white in China pieces like we used in this Bohemian Room Makeover. This will bring a really cool global aesthetic to your room that adds a cool vibe to the boho flair.

              Also, play around with different shades of blue! Using dark blue and white can really bring in an awesome bohemian feel that would work perfectly with your walls!

              Hope this helps!





                Omg, thank you so much for responding! These tips will definetly help – ok, time for me to spend the next few hours online shopping and decorating! 😂😘

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