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    Taylor Coleman

      Hi Mr.Kate! I really hope you can answer my questions and I really hope you can inspire me!

      I was wondering if you could help me with something. My room is very small. My furniture is all a champagne color (vanity, chest of drawers , and my huge full sized daybed!) and I have a white canopy. I have no idea how to decorate my walls, vanity, and bed! I like the bohemian/chic style . I have hot pink walls. What other colors would look great with that? My floors are an ugly off white carpet. Should I put a more colorful carpet down to downgrade the ugliness? If so where should I put it? I have shutters that are very ugly. Any idea how I can make them slightly less unattractive ? How do I pick out a fan? The canopy is currently in the middle of the bed. Should I move it so that it is over my head? I was thinking about putting fairy lights in my room. Where should I put them? Where would a nightstand go next to a daybed? What kind of sheets should I put on the champagne colored bed? What color should it be? What kind and what color throw pillows should I put on it? What color curtains should I have? Do you know how I could get more storage in my small bedroom? What kind of wall decor should I put on my walls? Should I put a full length mirror somewhere? I wanted to put a seat at the foot of my daybed, would that be to much? How do I decorate the on top part of the chest of drawers? How do I make all this stuff not look like I have too much stuff in my room? I know I flooded you with questions ( and I still have one more ) but I still hope you can answer them. I love your OMG We’re coming over! Series and I really want to get inspired by you! My last question is what stores should I go to to get all of that stuff? I really hope you can take time out of your busy day to answer this small Texas girl’s questions!


      Taylor Coleman

        Btw the walls have texture to them ( which I hate! )


        Mr. Kate

          Hi Taylor!

          So glad that you love OMG We’re Coming Over! It sounds like you have a bold color palette established so continue that around with accents in tones of pink. As far as where to place things, its hard to tell without seeing the space. White bed sheets always look nice! For your shutters, you could try painting them white to brighten up the space.

          Hope these ideas inspire you!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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