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    Erin DuBois

      I have a shopping problem. I love to buy clothes and even though I have a lot of clothes, I still try to find an excuse to buy more. Another problem I have is I almost never get rid of any of my clothes because I love my clothes.With this problem I never take into consideration where I’m going to put all these clothes since I already have so much. I have a standard two door closet that isn’t very deep at all and it is completely filled with my clothes. Is there a way I can organize my closet to help my clothes situation that is affordable?


      Marie Trappehave

        I store seasonal clothing in my suitcase. So in the winter shorts, crop tops and summer dresses are pulled out and put in the suitcase, and in the summer it’s the other way around. I also have a huge problem with shopping, but this makes it a little easier to find room for all of it. I also try my best to sort out the clothes I haven’t worn for a year every season, I’ve just given away 7 bags.. It’s hard but sometimes necessary.


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Erin and Marie!

          Thanks for responding, Marie! You have great suggestions and I really appreciate you sharing your voice!

          I completely agree — purging some items you’ve worn too many times or don’t wear enough is a great start. Seasonal organization is a solution that works really well if you live in the right climate to change out your wardrobe.

          Furniture-wise, do you have a dresser? Dressers are a great option for drawer storage, and they also make low profile plastic bins that can slide under your bed discretely that are great for sweaters or fancy shoes.

          Hope this helps! Good luck organizing!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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