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    selly rodriguez

      Hey Mr. kate!! <3

      so Im back with another question. I recently bought these dining chairs for my dining room & i fell in love but I’m not sure what kind of table to get (maybe wood?) I’m not sure.. & I would like a rug also. help with ideas please.

      also, the couch I decided to go with is this cute & chic one! there’s a matching ottoman but I’m not sure if i want that or a coffee table? I chose the pink one!



        Hey Selly!

        Maybe I can help!!!! By looking at the pieces, I have done some rummaging around trying to see what works well together!! As far as the dining room table goes, here is a suggestion! Since the chairs are quite intricate and bright white, I found a vintage-ish/worn wooden table that would have an interesting contest between the chairs and table!

        As for a rug, I’d say that you should go with a rug with settle pattern to tie in with intricate detail on chairs! Depends on what color scheme you are wanting to achieve!!!!

        Figuring out what you should get to go along with that flawless sofa can be hard to decide at times but I think a coffee table would look great! Maybe a copper or brass one would esentuate that pale pink!!! If you would like, I think you could take a coffee table and spray paint it copper or brass and then chip off some paint to make it look worn! That could be a really cool DIY!

        I hope this helps and I hope it gets you thinking about the route you want to go with! I will keep looking and let you know if I see anything else that would emphasize and showcase those elements!
        -Kaeli 😊

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        selly rodriguez

          THANKS KAELI !!!

          I think im going to decide on a coffee table last.. but I would like to add accent chairs instead of another sofa or ottoman.. what kind should I add? a solid color the same pink as the sofa or a patterned pink one?


          Mr. Kate

            Hey Selly!

            Kaeli, those are great suggestions!! It’s awesome to see all the creative weirdos coming together to brainstorm and share ideas!!

            My instinct for the dining table would be to get something lighter. Those chairs are super cool and modern, so you don’t want to weigh them down anything too heavy. The cream tone Kaeli picked out could be a cool color combo, but a wood tone would also be great!

            As far as the sofa, I would definitely go for a coffee table! Use that coffee table and a chair to create a conversation area around the sofa. Instead of going for the same color pink for the chair, try a complementing color or a pattern!

            Hope this helps! Always reach back out with any more questions!



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