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    Christina Lee

      Hi Mr. Kate!

      I love minimalist design, but all we have is old, brown hand-me-down furniture from our parents.  How do I keep a minimalist design without having to buy all new furniture?


      vince zeigler

        I have this list, and this furniture is exactly the type your need. Not so much designs but simple and since it is made of teak wood, it works for both indoor and outdoor.


        Gabriella Woolfolk

          I have the same problem! 🙁 I think using very neutral colors and a little bit of metals would help… also less is more, since the furnitute are so loud try not to over decorate or saturate the top with million things and instead only put one or two things to kind of ”highlight” or give life to the space, surface or corner…


          Mr. Kate

            Hey everyone!!

            So excited to see all this conversation! I love when people chat it up in the forums!

            I suggest painting your brown furniture the same color as the walls, so the pieces become shapes in the room, as opposed to items that you’re focusing on because of their color contrast. Once the furniture recedes into the wall palette, you’ll be able to start from scratch in a way and establish your own minimalist (or whatever) style!

            Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!



          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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