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      Hi Mr. Kate,

      I am a first time home owner and bought a condo! I’m super stoked but also am dealing with the real life financial struggles of a recent college graduate. As a result, a lot of my furniture is from resale stores. In my bedroom I’m going for a relaxing cozy vibe with clean lines so the colors are cream walls, cozy cream and taupe bedding, with pops of burnt orange/ terra cotta.  Think fall coziness! Nevertheless, I’m having a hard time seeing the vision of setting up my two similar but different midcentury nightstands. How do I make it look like they both belong in the space and have it seem that they are a pair instead of separates? I love your channel and design visions and would love some advice!

      Netherland N. Joiner

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Mismatched Midcentury Nightstands Mismatched Midcentury Nightstands[/caption]


      Chelsea Garza

        They’re the same size and similar wood color.. I like that they’re different! I would paint the top of the one on the right black to match, add hardware to the one on the left and swap our the hardware on the left to match the new hardware like the one on the left.

        You could also go crazy and paint the legs black too..

        You could do some cool kind of baskets or cubbies in those open areas.. Do the same color or kind of basket/cubby and that will also tie it in.

        Just my initial thoughts..


        Mr. Kate


          Thanks for posting!

          These side tables, like eyebrows, are sisters, not twins. So rather than trying to make them look identical, I would say to sand them down and paint them the same color. Since one appears to have a knob and the other doesn’t, drill a hole in the knob-less one and buy matching knobs for them! Ta-da! They’ll be the prettiest sisters that play oh-so-well together!

          Hope this helps!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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