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    Brittany Celeste

      In the, “Office Goals Episode 7: Pink Paint Palooza | DIY Exterior Painting and Prep | Mr Kate” episode when Brad’s brother tires to help Joey open up to the idea of painting the building pink, but Joey is so confused as to what is actually happening made me laugh so hard. And the painting montage at the end is of course a moment to rememer where Kate and the building become “blood, sisters? structures?” and Brad and Slayzy’s epic paint fight in her beautiful dress!! 💖


      Ashley Kersey

        MY favorite moment has been all of the Office Goals videos especially since they come out on Saturdays while I was at work NEEDING a creative outlet and loving imagining working at a place like Mr. Kate because it truly lives up to the video’s names of OFFICE GOALS! I also loved OMGWACO for Joslyn Davis because she lived in a studio and I used to live in a small studio with no ideas of how to make it pop & also be functional while it being small, so now I have some great ideas if i ever move into a small space again!!! thanks for a great year of videos!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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