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    selly rodriguez

      Hi Kate!! such a huge fan of yours!

      I need help on my whole apartment 🙁

      for the living room, I have this dark gray sofa with rhinestones on the legs & it comes with a matching ottoman. I am going to install a tv mount but im not sure what color scheme to go with and if i should add maybe another chair, if so what kind? I love white but I also love color and sparkly items because majority of the time, I am this extra person when it comes to decorating & Im trying not to go wild in my apartment.

      I want gold in my bathroom & bedroom but not sure where to go from there. help?


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Selly!!

        It’s a little trickier for me to answer this without a picture of the space but I’ll do my best! What I can say about adding another chair is that I love to create a conversation around a couch, so adding a chair or two could be a really good idea. Placing a coffee table in front of the cough is also a great way to complete the seating arrangement.

        As far as the bedroom and bathroom, if you’ve decided on a color palette of gold, try bringing in inexpensive accents like a pillow or lap blanket to see how you like the color around before committing to painting the walls.

        Have fun decorating!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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