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      Hey Mr. Kate!


      I am 16 years old and I feel like I need a new change and enhance my space! I had gotten new furniture not too long ago but it doesn’t go with my room. All of my current furniture it like a dark brownish black color and my trim around door, closets, and window are a light brown wood. I love dark colors because they fit my personality. I love blues, black, white, and grays. I am kind of edgy but bohemian at the same time. I love themes that contain moons, cactus, crystals, essential oils, and hats! I have a small room and since I got a queen sized bed now, It takes up pretty much my whole room. I am constantly in need of storage but disorganized. I try to maintain my room but when I clean up it ends up a mess and cluttered minutes later. Since I don’t have as much storage my stuff ends up everywhere. I was wondering how I can maintain my room but have the themes I like without spending so much at urban outfitters, and get my room to coordinate to represent my personality and age. Thank you! I also love your videos and get inspired by them! XO 🙂


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Kaeli!

        Since storage and organization seem to be key elements to incorporate into your room, I would focus on buying one piece of furniture with storage, instead of smaller accessories!

        A dresser or armoire would be a good piece, so everything can be tucked away. Tailor your purchases to your space and needs though, like we got two dressers for Manny’s makeup room! Or in this episode of Breaking Beige, you can see that adding a dresser made a huge difference for Cassie!

        You definitely already know what colors you want and styles you like, which is awesome!! Now it’s all about giving yourself utilitarian furniture to give the room functionality. Then, you can add personality and accessories later!

        Hope this helps! Have fun with your room!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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