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    Madison Wheeler


      As I always do, I raided my grandparents music collection the other day. In doing so my grandma gave me this old denim jacket. It’s from the 90’s but it super comfy! I always turn to my younger sister for styling help but she doesn’t know how to style this particular item.

      How would y’all recommend styling this item? I would love input/opinions!!

      Much love. Xx


      -Mads W.


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Madison!!

        I love that jacket!! So cute!

        I’m a huge fan of jackets as key ingredients in outfits. Layering is just so fun, and always smart if you could possibly be chilly!

        My favorite way to wear a jacket like that (I have a very similar one myself!) is with … a minidress!

        In this OOTD, I wear a loose, casual jacket over a form-fitting dress with some socks and boots for a daytime look that you could anywhere that doesn’t have too strict of a dress code!

        For a more nighttime take on styling a jacket like this, check out this OOTD! I pair a jacket with a black dress and black heels for a look that can take you from dinner to a party to whatever the evening has in store!

        You have to let me know how you style your new jacket! Post in the outfit forum!!




        Madison Wheeler

          Thank you!! I’ll defiantly take these tips with me as I go school shopping for inspo!!


          -Mads W.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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