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    Denisse Ibarra

      Hi Kate, I’m Denisse, I live in Mexico and I been watching your videos for more than 2 years, I love how you make interior design look so easy and I really enjoy your style. Now for the question I have:

      I’m helping my nieces to decorate their room, it’s a very small space and we have a problem figuring out what to do with the wall. Here is the picture:

      I don’t think curtains will look good, what can we do in that wall? We can’t move the beds.




      Well, first of all I would think about what makes it look bigger… This can be lights, mirrors and a bright wall paint. As Mr. Kate says: create a mood board, it helps you to find out what colours and materials fit together ;). I would give the wall a new colour maybe a bright mint, but definitely a pastell tone (or white). Be careful with patterns – will make the wall look smaller, I guess. If you fix on some shelves next to the window you can put on lights and decorations that fits together with the rest of the room. (To many decoration will make the room look smaller but too less decoration will do it, either) What about pearl curtains? Just seen on Mr. Kates snapshat, in the nail art studio, could be something different than the usual material. Or use just one curtain in a bright and soft material and gather it up just on the right???

      Just some ideas – hope you will get more inspirations 🙂


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Denisse!

        Thanks for all your support!! It’s so sweet of you to help your nieces with their room!

        This wall is interesting because of the placement of the window, which prevents a symmetrical treatment for both beds, like headboards. But that’s okay! There is still a lot you can do with it!

        Have you thought about a mural? The DIY Watercolor Mural I did in Maya’s place seems like it could fill up that unconventional space, bringing color and creativity and giving your nieces a chance to get in on the fun, too!

        Another option is to kind of fake some symmetry! Hang curtains over the window above the right bed, and then install a curtain rod over the left bed and hang matching curtains there, too! They would act similarly to headboards, and if you chose a fabric that isn’t too sheer, the window wouldn’t always be obvious!

        I hope these suggestions help!



      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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