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    Jane Antony

      We have a front door washer at home. It was bought 6 years before. There are four of us at home using it several times a week. But from last months onwards, I started noticing a sewer smell from the wall drain area during the drain cycle. Now the situation has gotten worse. The washer is also not draining properly. Last day while using it, it didn’t drain. Then I had to take all clothes from it and take away the standing water from the washer. I am not sure if the smell and water are related. I checked the drain hose. But it is to the drain pipe only. So I’m not able to fix the issue. At times we could see water under the washer.

      During the conversation in our friend’s circle, I asked them what might be causing the laundry room to have a sewer smell. Then one of them said that it is a serious problem that needs to be corrected immediately. Not only are sewer gasses an unpleasant experience but they can be a safety concern. He said that if you smell sewer gasses in your home you should try and diagnose the problem sooner than later. Then only I understood it’s seriousness.

      He suggested getting the help of professional plumbers as they would be able to sort out the problem. While browsing online, I came across a lot many plumbing companies, but am not sure which among them provides the best service. As I am from Toronto, I prefer the plumbers from there. Has anyone availed any such services sometime recently? Do share your thoughts.
      Thanks in advance.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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