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    Emily Nguyen

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      <dt class=”wp-caption-dt”>The closet?? I don’t know what this is called but it’s in the room. I have no clue what I should put in here or use it for[/caption]

      Entrance way</dt>
      <dd class=”wp-caption-dd”>This is what you see when you first walk in.</dd>

      I’m getting my sisters old room on Friday because she’s moving in with her boyfriend. I can’t paint the walls and I really like the whole black white grey theme. I wouldn’t mind splashes of color. This is a smaller space but don’t mind the bags everywhere, she’s still packing! Do you have any advice on how to restyle this room? I hope you can help, thank you!! <3


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Emily!!

        So exciting! A new room to decorate and make all yours!!

        First things first, it looks like you could use some storage in the closet. Small closets and cabinets can be made super functional and stylish with a good selection of storage bins. I really like the selection from places like Home Goods or Target, but check online shops too!

        For the bed, I think it would look great to brighten up the space by getting a light colored or patterned bedding. Something with spark and that brings energy into the room. If you want a headboard, try DIY-ing one instead of buying it! You can use the technique I did for the DIY Tufted Bench and make a fun day out of it!

        If you’re keeping the TV, you should mount it on the wall, which creates space on top of the dresser for accessories storage, flowers, a lamp, and nice decor items!

        That window is so cute and narrow, so play it up with a curtain rod and floor-length curtain in a color or print that complements what you chose for the bedding. And, speaking of things that complement the bedding — what about an area rug? A cute rug under or alongside your bed will make the space feel oh-so-cozy.

        Lastly, a side table!! There are lots of great options in the stores with or you could DIY one, Upcycle one, or even give a thrifted one a cool marble-topped upgrade!

        I hope all this helps!! Let me know how it comes out!!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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