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    Amber Simpson

      I’ve recently bought a new flat for moving to university. My bedroom has floor to ceiling windows along one whole wall and then opens out onto a balcony on the other. Here is a photo of the room. (;jsessionid=FC3FC99ABC77F02BA0EBA033233E29C8?propertyId=59081789&photoIndex=6# )

      It has none of the furniture that is in this photo in it just now as it is the previous owners.

      I was thinking something fresh as there is so much light coming into the room and clean, almost creating the feeling of a hotel room. There is already a built in wardrobe as you walk in the door so I do not necessarily need any storage. However I am on a budget.

      There is also a big pillar in the corner of the room if you have any ideas what to do with that.

      Please help with any ideas you may have!!

      Thank you!
      Amber x


      Jenna Rabel

        I personally love white sheer curtains, I think they are so nice and airy and let in a ton of natural light! But based on your preference on color and privacy, there are a ton of other options out there. I would for sure do floor to celling curtains assuming you can remove the ones in the picture (or just cover them up with a more solid fabric). You could get some inexpensive pipe from the hardware store in place of a curtain rod and paint it if its not a color you like. I also love the idea of a sitting area by the window like in one of these pictures below! If you already have a chair that could go there all you would need is a lamp and a side table/small bookshelf and you’re good to go! To get that hotel feel I think stick with mostly neutrals, then bring in a few pops of color through accessories and plants!



        Mr. Kate

          These are really good tips Jenna!

          Hi Amber! Congrats on your new flat, it looks amazing. I love the windows and I agree with Jenna’s tip on floor to ceiling curtains. The windows are something you want to highlight. I also like the column, as an architectural detail but I wouldn’t do anything to it. I like architectural details to just stay simple and clean, if anything, you can place a nice potted palm or fig or hang a hanging plant near it to highlight the verticality.

          Another way to make sure your room feels like a hotel room is to have a dresser or desk with a mirror above and matching side tables and bedside lamps on either side of your bed. Then of course an area rug and great bedding and throw pillows.

          Hope that helps! Can’t wait to see what you do! Post pics here when you’re done!


          – mr. kate




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            Hi Kate,

            I am a college student and Im looking for cheap ways to style my room. I want an idea for my bedroom wall which is plain white . I want to add some personality to it. I Love the boho loft vibe and i also find what you did with Maya’s wall but mine is a rental therefore painting and screws are not an option. Please help. I also have wall size mirrors half of which i have covered with wrapping paper.



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