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      Hey Kate, I’m redecorating my whole bedroom, I got inspired by your amazing videos and your magnificent sense of style, and i just got  these honey colored wooden floors installed and i have no idea what my new furniture’s color should be! And also what do you think i should go for on the walls I would really love to know what you think would look suitable with these floors.

      Thank you 🙂


      Wow the wood looks wonderful!!! Even with this touch of sunlight!!!!

      Okay, I think you have so many possibilities! For your furniture I would look for very dark brown coloured or bright (white) pieces (or mixed ?!? ^^), but not too wooden so it does not compete with your floor.

      For the colours… if you add a Colour wheel to your floor you will see that mostly every colour can go with it. So it depends on your favorite colour 🙂 Because the honey colour gives your room a warm feeling I would take a “cool” colour from the palette for your walls! Like some blue (pastell), violet-blue, blue-green, grey, mint … You don´t have to paint all the walls just in that colour you could also work with patterns!

      The cozyness of a bedroom will be reached by adding the accessoires, like pillows, carpets, blankets, baskets and plants 😉

      blue version for inspo ^^

      violett version for inspo ^^

      mint version for inspo ^^

      Hope this is helpful – wishing you fun and power for redecorating your room!



        That was really helpful, i was really happy with what colors you picked because i actually wanted these colors in my room but didn’t know if they would go with the floor or not, and i was so relived when you said it would!! Thank you so much for your suggestions <3


        Mr. Kate


          Those floors are to die floor… haha, get it?!

          Ok, puns aside, you have a great foundation to start your room from! If you are going to go for colorful walls, find furniture that is more neutral, but also have fun with different textures and materials. In my sister Tess’ house, she has wood floors, and in this guest room of hers that we featured, you can see that she has white furniture, metal furniture, mirrored furniture, and even a different shade of wood than the floor!

          The key to a well designed room is knowing how to play different textures and elements off of each other, so don’t be afraid to bring some different tones and materials into the space!

          I hope this helps!





            LMAO that was actually funny, i love a good pun! 😛 That was really helpful, i think i’m gonna go for a pastel color like a nice berry blue, and as you said i’m going to try and incorporate some patterns! Thanks a lot for the help <3 i love you Kate BERRY much hehe 😛 <3 <3


            carlo barr

              Do you know what type of furniture fits for this interior looks, the teak furniture sets, made of light teak wood, reliable but strong.. just as those tables and chairs with this specific style

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