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      Hey Mr. Kate!

      After a super quick decision this week, my family and I are moving house (with only a couple of weeks before Luna is due to arrive!!!)

      We’ve been living in a rental that was fully furnished, so we’ve got very little in the way of big things to move.

      My question for you is… What inexpensive things can we do to make our new place feel like home while we start slowly adding furniture?

      Thank you x


      Janice Nyam

        BEAN BAGS & a huge comfy rug with loads of pillows & blankets 🙂 Hope this helps!


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Grace!

          WOW. That’s so exciting! A quick move can be stressful, but it will be great for your family to have a new home to welcome little Luna in!

          I definitely agree with Janice that rugs, pillows, and blankets all create that homey atmosphere and make a room with even a little furniture seem cozy and inviting.

          What about your art? I know first hand that you’re an incredible artist — hang some of your favorite pieces on the walls! Since the furniture isn’t in yet and you don’t know if the pieces will be staying there, use temporary hooks like the sticky-backed ones by Command!

          Can’t wait to see what this new place turns out to look like!! Have you planned any of Luna’s new space yet? Post pictures!!




            Thanks for the tips! Will definitely be on the look out for loads of blankets (Winter is coming down in the Southern Hemisphere 😜)

            My husband and I are pretty hippie, so Luna will be in with us, like Tui was when he was a baby. So her bed will most likely be flush with ours for easy access.

            We’re picking up our new bed today, so I’ll post pictures of the progress of our room in the near future 😊Today, I had a massive urge to make up Luna’s bed (finally able to get my nest on!) so here are some before and after shots of her bed. My husband Joe’s grandfather hand crafted the cot out of some NZ Rimu, we’re super blessed to have it.

            (I hope I did that right and the images posted properly 😄)



              They definitely didn’t post 😂

              I did post them on the LM’s Facebook page of you want to check them out there x


              mike brown

                Start with basic furnishing that you can use, the most important is the dining table and chair. In your case, I suggest that you check those great offers at, various furniture sets are available. One good thing from this store, is that almost all of their products are both perfect for indoor and outdoor use and since it is made of teak wood, it is light and yet strong. There are flexible furniture also that can be set as regular seating and stretch as recliners for relaxations.

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