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    elisa olivares

      GUYS I’M A VICTIM OF BUYING SOMETHING ONLINE BECAUSE IT LOOKED CUTE ON THE MODEL BUT JUST LIKE A DISASTER ON ME! I live in Orange County and its been cold, so i wanted a new sweater and I bought a cute oversized knit grandma sweater. It looked so cute in the model but whenever i wear it I just look like I rolled out of bed! (Which i did ,but who needs to know!) So I was wondering how do you style your oversized clothes? I especially want to hear from you if you’re short, like me !


      Alexis Solares

        Hey Elisa!

        I totally get you! I love oversized clothing too! shopping online can be a hassle, because I too have been a victim of buying clothes that look good on the model, and look terrible on me! I’m also short! (4’11”) so I get the struggle. I like to wear oversized teeshirts as dresses! As you can see below! You could rock oversized sweater with skinny jeans, and a pair of flats, heels, or sandals to look more put together, and may like a sock bun? I like sock buns because they’re super easy to put in your hair, and that way even if you just rolled out of bed, and got dressed it still works! Oversized shirts can always be tucked into pants, skirts, and shorts! or, even tied to the side. I hope this helped a little!


        James Delvalle

          Thanks for sharing this view!


          Katherine Vann

            I once bought a dress online. I just loved it online, once I got it I was shocked because it was totally different in real and over sized too. I was not able to alter it because of its material. It was a total waste. I have kept it aside and not yet used.


            Actually, I love to wear oversized dresses.


            Diana Welch

              That’s the reason why I don’t buy clothes and shoes in online shops anymore. I experienced buying a cold shoulder dress for co-worker’s farewell party. The dress looked frail and too small for me, though I specified my preferred size. I was not able to refund it anymore.


              Diana Welch

                Any Update guys?



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              Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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