Periods suck! Any advise for cramp relief?

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    Janice Nyam

      share ur secrets girl! I’m dying…


      Barbara Parsons

        Honestly I don’t get terrible cramps but I hear if you eat chocolate, ice cream or pizza and binge-watch your favorite tv show, the pain doesn’t feel as bad! hahaha! Wish I had better advice though, fight through it sister, periods suck!!


        elisa olivares

          HEATING PADS!! That’s my secret weapon! I use to use the electric heating pad but that limits your mobility, but hey that is a good excuse to not get u all day! So what i use now are heating pad type patches. You can get them at target,walmart and maybe CVS. They work great and last hours!! Also tea, running, and curling up in a ball helps! Good luck girl! Don’t die on us!


          Alexis Solares

            Hey girl!

            You know water really helps me! When I drink water it takes a lot of the cramps away. Also, I heard that (but haven’t tried) dandelion root tea helps! You can get it in Target, Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon! (I’m sure other places too but those are the only ones I know of.) Good luck!


            Mr. Kate

              Those all sound like great tips! Especially the pizza! I used to get bad cramps when I had an IUD. My doctor gave me a prescription for Naproxen (over the counter it’s the same thing that’s in Aleve) which really helped when I was in pain. Now I take one Aleve if I’m having painful cramps. I’m not a huge fan of taking pills but sometimes you need it to take the edge off so you can have a productive day. We’re not in the era of the red tent, unfortunately. Our culture expects us to act like normal when really our bodies want to rest and go through that monthly cycle.

              I also use heating pads and lavender essential oil. Chamomile tea helps me too.

              Be kind to yourself and relax! We feel you girl!




            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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