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    Heidy Ramírez

      Hi Mr. Kate, I was hoping you had some advise on finding personal style. Also, I would like to know what pieces are essential in a wardrobe. Thank You.


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Heidy,

        Thanks for posting! I think finding your personal style can be a really fun process — you just get to keep trying new, exciting things until you find what fits your personality and lifestyle best!

        I’m sure you already have some factors in your life (climate, school/ work, etc.) that will give parameters for your search. It’s then just finding what is appropriate, but makes you feel your best! I often tell people who don’t know what design style they want for their room to start a Pinterest board where they collect a bunch of images that inspire them, and I think this is good advice for finding out your personal style, as well! You’ll be able to find common themes between the images you pin that will help you find what kind of clothes you like! Then, it’s all about finding them and finding out how they work for you and your life!

        You can check out some of my style Pinterest boards for inspiration here!:,

        Essential pieces differ for everyone, but leopard print is definitely one of my wardrobe essentials!

        Hope this helps! Have fun!

        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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