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    Sebastian Buciu

      Hey Mr. Kate! (or anyone that could help haha)

      Ive recently started using pinterest and it can get a bit overwhelming, I find it. Not sure whether its because I don’t fully know how to use it or whether certain features im looking for dont exist.

      I was wondering if you have any tutorial/pinterest board tour videos or blog entries that could help me navigate the site; as you seem to really live on pinterest haha 🙂

      If not, I’m specifically wondering how to organise my boards. Like the tabs inside of them and if i can write my own descriptions to personalise them. So far I’ve found that the more pins i may have on a board, more tabs within it will pop up. However I’d like to set my own up tabs and organise my pins within my boards according to what i find interesting about them.

      For example, there might be a pin of a bed I like, however I would only pin it because i like the throw blanket on it. Then I’d pin it on to my “Bedroom Ideas” board and put it under the tab “Throw Blankets and Pillows” and write a description on the post like “I like the throw blanket, it’d go well with a wooden frame.” I dont know whether there is a solution to my predicament or whether im just hoping too much of the organisational side of this website.

      Sorry for the hefty post; I’d appreciate any help. Love your work queen! ♡ 🙂



      Mr. Kate

        Hi Sebastian!!

        I think this demo is really helpful for Pinterest!! It definitely covers adding your own captions!

        I know Pinterest can be so overwhelming sometimes! I use it to get ideas, but it can also be a bottomless hole, because getting ideas and inspired is great, but physically executing those ideas is an entirely different thing, haha!

        I recommend deciding what inspiration needs you have and organize your boards that way. As you can see, I have everything ranging from nail art inspiration to house design + landscaping, etc.

        I hope this helps!! Have fun pinning!!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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