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      My bedroom has been in need of a complete redo for a long while now I’m 18 and just feel like my room has become this mosh posh off all the phases of style I went through in high school and its just not cute…. there’s like 20 different colors fighting each other and it doesn’t really seem relaxing anymore. The one thing that I still enjoy is my basic furniture, my armoire, dresser, bedframe and desk are a just a simple matching set of really dark warm colored wood, although I might change out the knobs. My room is 14 feet by 9 feet with white walls, off-white/gray large tile floors, two large windows, and no hanging light source (I usually have lamps and fairy lights) so I feel like I have a lot of options and my mind is kinda going crazy. I love the whole modern art deco style yet keep a feminine touch, I think a lighter color scheme would be best because of my dark furniture so that it really opens up the space. I am really young so I cant go ALL OUT but I can spend a little money on things like new bed sets, drapes, carpets, tapestries or maybe painting the walls. I’m really looking for inspiration, color scheme/theme ideas, tips on how to get it just a tad bit more minimalistic, and figure out what I can DIY to not only save money but show my personality! Thank you so much for giving your time to help me with my absolute mess of a room and easing some of my décor anxiety, I love the Mr.Kate youtube channel ive only been subscribed for a little bit now, but your upbeat attitude and overall chic style has given me the confidence to actually change my living space and turn it into something I love rather than something I have to deal with!
      P.S. your cats are ADORABLE I have 4 myself and love it when they make little debus in your videos



        I got the styles Art Deco and industrial mixed up ooops! So modern industrial with a feminine touch


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Meaghan!

          It’s great that you have a style in mind for your space, because that helps redecorating so much easier! Singular pieces and small effects over time will add up and definitely reflect the new feminine, industrial vibe you’re going for.

          Without seeing a picture of the room, here are my best recommendations for places to start:

          • Freshen up the walls with a light color like a very pale pastel — this will bring in the feminine vibes but not be too bold as to take away from the more minimalist, industrial theme.
          • Add some tall shelves (maybe some DIY Rope Shelves!!) or buy an inexpensive model. This is great for storage and will also give you an opportunity for styling plants and other decor elements!
          • Pick up a nice big area rug to add some cozy and texture to that tile floor
          • For the bed, opt for clean white bedding and mix print throw pillows! These are a great place to bring in accent colors!
          • Hang tall panel curtains over your windows to maximize the room height and make your space feel elegant and open!

          I hope these help! Excited for how your room is going to come out!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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