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    Trisha Alfonso

      Hi Mr. Kate (or anyone else who can help),

      I’ll be living in a rental next year (and hopefully for the next 3 years being away at university) and my room has a bunch of holes in it because the current tenant stuck about 6 nails going around the closet door and a few other random ones to hang his hats and jerseys. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to cover these holes up (without actually filling them in as I’m not allowed to make any new holes or paint the walls) – I thought about mini frames but thought it would look to cluttered, especially since I want a more simple room where the furniture brings things together (i.e. bright furniture, a potted plant or two, etc.)? I thought about doing faux flowers or something but I think it might look too scattered so do you have any ideas or advice for me? Also, do you have any brand recommendations for sticking things to the wall that won’t peel off the paint or stain the walls (something stronger than sticky tack)? Thanks in advance!

      P.S. Loveee your channel, especially to de-stress during this hectic af exam season 🙂




      Dana Fowler

        This isn’t exactly style advice but I have found that chalk fills the holes decently well. Just color over the holes with chalk to match the wall color and it should fill it well enough that it looks like a hole free wall. Also Command hooks work decently well but you have to be REALLY careful when pulling them off. I hope this helps!



        Mr. Kate

          Hey Trisha!

          Thanks for posting! What a tricky dilemma! I think Dana’s chalk trick could work really well to fill up the holes that you’re not able to cover with wall art. If you’re looking to cover an entire wall, a tapestry could be an easy, large-scale solution!

          As far as hanging art without making holes, I fully support Command strips and hooks! I decorated three dorm rooms in our studio last year, only using command strips and washi tape to hang art on the walls!

          Hope these tricks and tips help! Good luck with your rental!


          Mr. Kate & Team


          Trisha Alfonso

            Thanks Dana, that sounds perfect actually!!! Love a good tapestry too; will def try the Command strips then, thank you! 🙂


            Diana Welch

              Hi there, Trisha

              You can use concrete for those holes or putty.

              They are effective in patching up holes, then you can decorate as you wish.



              Diana Welch

                I agree with the use of tapestries. I also see some houses with hanging rugs as wall art. It adds to the Bohemian look of the house. Aside from this, you’ll be able to create a focal point to a room.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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