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    Sophie Peile

      Hi Kate!

      I have recently moved house and I am allowed to design my own bedroom! However, I am kind of stuck on what to do and where to start!

      I was just wondering if you could just give any tips in general (for minimalistic designs)

      Thank you so much x

      P.s I love your OMG we bought a house videos ❤️


      Mr. Kate

        Hi Sophie!

        Thanks for watching the OMG We Bought a House videos!! Glad you like them!

        So exciting that you get to design your bedroom! I would tell you to start by heading to Pinterest and making a board out of images that inspire you for your room. They could be indicative of the vibe, or have ideas you’d like to try, whatever! It’s much easier to plan when you have all your ideas consolidated into one place.

        For minimalist design, I would recommend keeping a very limited color palette. Focus on ways to keep surfaces organized and accessories impactful but scarce. Eva’s bedroom is a great example of a recent minimalist design I did!

        Good luck and have fun with your room! Let me know if you have any more questions!








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              Those are the colors I need in a white background with gold and glitter art and maybe fur as a throw, as a rug and on my desk chair. I need help with the curtains too


              mike smith

                Hi, for some unique printed materials for your home decor and interior designs such as wallpaper, you can try this, they are using digital printing procedures for better designs resolution and quality.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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