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    Allison Beauchamp

      Mr. Kate and crew,

      Please help. Love your videos. Binged watched most of them in a couple days. I have been working on trying to get together an adult living room. I am unsure about what rug and coffee table/side table to add to the room. The room has dark wood floors and a dark brick fireplace. I got myself a darker blue velvet couch and a microfiber gray arm chair. Some gold accents including an amazing Lamps Plus arc lamp that has a marble base. Would you suggest a glass/gold coffee table/side table? I know the right rug will make the room. Really nervous I will make the wrong choice. Any input from you or your amazing team would be so appreciated! I have attached part of my idea board here.

      Thanks so much!






      Mr. Kate

        Hey Allison!

        Thanks for posting! It sounds like your room has a lot of darker and heavier colors going on. I’m not sure about the wall color, but I think you couldn’t go wrong with bringing some lighter elements with the rug and coffee table to balance out these dark colors.

        For the coffee table, I really like the glass option. A thin or lighter wood option could also look nice, with some gold accents on top. For the rug, my instinct says a white rug with a gray design could really fit nicely. Something like this rug would pull everything together and also break up all of those dark colors going on.

        If white isn’t quite what you’re going for, a light gray or other neutral would also be nice!

        Hope this helps! Good luck decorating!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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