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    Nicole Rupar

      Heys guys. I love watching your videos! 🙂

      Can you guys make a video of both you decorating a small bedroom? Because I have a small bedroom and would want ideas. Please make the bedroom look simple and cute.


      Arden McKee

        I have a small bedroom with a lot of windows. Can you please help me figure out how to decorate it. Thank you.


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Nicole and Arden!

          Thanks for posting! It might not be super noticeable from camera angles, but some of the rooms we’ve decorated have been really small! The guest bedroom we just did for Liza Koshy is a great example! The Hotel Chic Bedroom from the most recent season of Breaking Beige is another good one to watch for small bedroom design ideas! Also, even though we filmed the Dorm Decor video on our set, it is full of ideas for more petite spaces!

          Hope these videos can help!


          Mr. Kate & Team


          Seph Smith

            These are some small bedroom design ideas and that will help you to make your small bedroom very attractive. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Keep sharing


            Tamari Lindner

              I live in a camper and I have many difficulties trying to style it. ALmost everything is brown and it’s very hard to work with being a girl who wants different colors.  It’s super hard living in a camper because it’s a small space and you can’t move anything in there.  Please help me!!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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