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    Brittany Morgan

      My couch!

      This beauty (I named her Penelope) is the highlight of my life and living room. But I’m unsure of how to style her!! My walls are gray, and my overall style is vintage classic and neutral color palettes with eclectic little pops of color and quirk here and there.

      At first I was thinking I would go neutral with pillows and throw and just mix up the textures. Then I started thinking I could pull out just the teal and vary the hues. Since I tend to whites/grays/gray blues everywhere else, I want this couch to fit in AND stand out.

      Also, artwork suggestions? I paint so I’m thinking one big abstract landscapey piece. Maybe? Collage = too busy? Aughhh! Penelope is just so gorgeous, I want to treat her well 😂

      Hubby thinks I’m too emotionally invested in this couch #sorrynotsorry

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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