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    Nathan Holmes

      Hello Mr. Kate,

      I love my parents but their idea of design is wood, just wood,mismatched and lots of it and I’m planning on revamping my bedroom. As a creative weirdo from Ireland I’m more just looking for advice, unless you’re ever planning on doing episodes abroad 😂

      • wooden wardrobe,
      • wooden bedframe,
      • wooden bookshelf,
      • wooden flooring,
      • wooden study chair,
      • wooden drawers,
      • wooden skirting boards,
      • wooden curtain holder,
      • and a wooden inward wall thingie like another room is hogging space in one corner

      and surprisingly not one wood colour matches another in my small room. I’m looking at either wood stain colours that go well together. Perhaps match a couple or just paint them random colors. I’m planning on painting my room turquoise, perhaps get some darkish grey paint on the skirting boards and window area as well if that’s any help to what colours could go with it.

      Please help Mr. Kate


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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