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    Sophie Chiara

      Hey Mr. Kate! My name is Sophie I just turned 18 and Feel this should be a new stage of my life, but I live in a childish-looking room and it feels really restricting and uninspiring. My room is entirely grayish/lavender-colored, my closet is broken, I have 5 tiny shelves in my closet that makes it impossible to pick out clothes without them all falling to the ground every time. I do not have a bed frame because I have a huge window (basically an entire wall) that is too low for me have one. I have a desk, but no chair. I do my makeup on the ground. I have a poorly done mural-wall with pictures of my friends and family. and empty wall over the side of my bed. But the worst part: I have a really ugly looking dark gray (kind of purplish) fluffy imbedded rug that I cannot seem to make it look good. So my main question is how do I make my ugly rug look better?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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