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    Patricia Elbo

      My husband and I just bought our first townhouse. We have very little budget for renovations but the kitchen and the bathrooms for sure need one. Were starting with the kitchen by fixing the broken floor then retiling, changing the sink and countertop, adding backsplash and probably changing knobs to update it. We would like to keep the cabinets as we have no more budget for replacing it but how do we make it look new apart from just painting over it? Fyi, our color scheme is gray, white, black and hardware may be gold or silver. Help!!!!


      Xo Patricia


      Marie Trappehave

        Self adhesive foil can work wonders! You can get all kinds of looks, from wood to marble.


        Mr. Kate


          Great idea, Marie!! New facing on the cabinet seems like a good solution!

          I would keep the cabinets simple with a brushed silver tone! Gold hardware with that would be really pretty and go with your color palette!

          It sounds like all the changes you’re doing will have a big impact already, so I recommend saving the cabinets for last to see if they’re still something you want to change.

          Have fun with your kitchen!




          barbara viray

            Your Kitchen has great bones!!! I would get a pendent light that fits into your recess light over your sink (watch my life as Eva’s room make over 18:00) herbs or plants on the blank wall by your kitchen window to utilize all that natural light and add some natural wood elements like cutting boards and pepper grinders. Just some ideas… Have fun decorating!!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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