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    Mr. Kate

      Hi Michelle! Happy pending wedding!

      For those of you that don’t know Michelle Payton, she is one of our BEST Mr. Kate customers – like OG supporter of the jewelry and BeautyMarks – AND a champion Little Mister ANNNND, we’re all so excited for her because she’s getting married in July! 

      Michelle wrote to me asking this: 

      “Hi Kate and Mr. Kate Team!

      I am currently in the middle of planning my upcoming wedding with my fiancé Andrew. Our wedding is July 2nd of this year!

      I’m reaching out to you because I’d like to incorporate some of your jewelry and Beauty Marks into my wedding day outfit because, why not? I’d like to get your suggestions and ideas for how I can style my Mr. Kate jewelry and rose gold Beauty Marks with my dress. I attached a few pictures of me wearing my wedding dress 🙂 ((see in post below!))

      My wedding colors are a very pale pink (Petal at David’s Bridal, picture attached) which my bridesmaids and my flower girl will be wearing, light gray which will be worn by the groomsmen and light blue color as accent. Since my girls will be wearing that very pale pink, I’d like to try and incorporate your rose gold Beauty Marks and some Mr. Kate jewelry… with your help, I hope!

      Let me know if you can give me any pretty, fun and funky suggestions for how I can style myself on my Big Day 🙂

      Thanks for being awesome!”

      Well, thank YOU Michelle for being awesome and I love love your dress! Pale pink, I die, one of my faves.

      I love your instincts about the rose gold BeautyMarks and so I went off that and made a board of styling suggestions for your gorgeous, strapless, glam dress.

      Michelle’s Wedding Styling Tips:

      • Option 1. I love strapless on you and I think you shouldn’t do a necklace because the dress has a lot of (amazing) fabric elsewhere and I think you should have that moment of just skin – BUT I think the metallic rose gold BeautyMarks will look amazing styled either on the sides of your neck – like I did in the lookbook model photo (on the board) – or around your hairline for some serious princess vibes. If you go that route, I’d off-set the girly-ness of the dress with some subtle Spike Earrings and the Wax and Wane ring or Bar ring . This will be edgy and magical and you could wear your hair down or up with this option.
      • Option 2. If option 1 is a little too adventurous with the BeautyMarks on your neck or hairline, I say put your hair up in a chic and sleek up-do and wear the Cadeau Earrings in rose gold – very Grace Kelley with your dress. Then put some rose gold BeautyMarks on your back or shoulder blade like just the hummingbird or the trio of bees. SO chic and sweet!

      Bridesmaid Styling Tips:

      – Based off your color palette with the pale pink, grey and pale blue. I think the Bloom BeautyMarks could be amazing on your bridesmaids with that petal pink dress. The straps are similar to the straps of the top that I styled on the model and I love the idea of your bridesmaids placing some select flower BeautyMarks on their shoulder blades or down their spine or on their arms – depending on how they’re wearing their hair. It will make for such cool photos with you in the metallic BeautyMarks and them in the matte colorful ones. If you want to add jewelry to your bridesmaids looks, I think the Marquis Crystal Necklace could look really chic as their only piece of jewelry along with the BeautyMarks.

      Hope that helps give you some ideas Michelle! Thank you so much for being such an amazing Mr. Kate supporter and I wish you all the best and soooo many smiles on your big day!

      The pics Michelle sent in of her dress… LOVE!

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