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    Claire Wootton

      Hey Mr. Kate (and anyone else who wants to weigh in)!

      I live in a 100+ year old home. One of my favorite things is the cool vintage fireplace in my bedroom. It’s no longer working as an addition that was done in the 60s removed the chimney so now the top of the fireplace is sealed. I’ve left the fireplace virtually untouched for many years but have finally gotten around to wanting to do something with it. The front of it is sealed with glass (in order to not let heat out in the winter) and I can remove it if I want to paint/clean/put something inside but I have to put it back on after and it’s not easy to remove so ideally whatever I do would be pretty permanent. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for what I could put inside/around or do in order to really put to use this cool thing I have in my room. For reference – the rest of my room is mainly white with the exception of a few green and blue accent pieces and a bit of gold/brass. Also any suggestions for ways to decorate the mantel?



      Melissa Darling

        if the glass was easier to remove, i’d say use candles inside it! but i have a better idea that’s more low-maintenance and awesome… remove the glass and attach either one large portrait or a collage of photos to the glass, so when you put the glass back on the photos face out but are protected by the glass! or you don’t even have to use photos… stick flowers, colored tissue paper for a cool stained-glass effect (or if you’re really artsy, use stained glass paint and make your own design!!!) or instead of removing the glass for these projects, keep the glass on, glue little knobs to the glass and make string art like in mr. kate’s recent video!!!


        #WHYNOT put in a Aquarium? Everyone has fire in the fireplace but water?^^ Even if you don´t want to have fishes it looks nice and reassuring by only putting in some water plants and maybe coloured (gold) gravel…


        Mr. Kate


          I LOVE that aquarium idea!! So much juxtaposition, yaaaaas!

          Besides that, I have to say, I love that fireplace! It’s so beautiful, and so many people would be jealous that you have such a cool, fun feature in your room!

          I keep candles in my fireplace at the house, which still feels like a play on the intention of the feature, but in a much more elective and stylish way. It could be fun, also, to use the space to display fairy lights in a new way — maybe wrapping them around logs?! (Kind of like we did with this drift wood branch last Christmas!)

          I love plants in a room, and two plants on either side of the fireplace could be so cute!! You have a lot of open space there, so you could get really creative with the height and shape of the plants you choose!




          James Delvalle

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          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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