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    Marie Trappehave

      So I’m moving to a new apartment, and I really want to make a cool work area for my boyfriend, since he gave me our only deskspace in our current apartment, and let me turn it into a makeup area. I found this awesome desk, and I want to put some marble foil on the glass to make it fit perfectly into the general livingspace.

      I have this horrible looking chair that my grandfather gifted me when we moved in. It’s old but I really like the style of it, so I want to revamp it. I just don’t really know how I want it to look. Do you have any ideas? I want to paint and reupholster it.

      The colorscheme in the livingroom is grey, warm pink, mixed metals and marble. I want it to fit overall, and with the table specifically.


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Marie!

        Thank you so much for posting and for all your awesome responses in the forums! Love it!

        I love the bones of this chair, it actually works really well with the style of desk you have! Since your color palette isn’t too colorful to begin with, I would keep the paint and fabric choices for the chair neutral. This way, if you ever decided to redecorate with a different color scheme, it will still fit!

        I think a nice white or charcoal grey could look good as a paint color, and then a durable, easy-t0-clean fabric with a tone on tone pattern would look really nice. I’m a big fan of velvet on chairs like that!

        Hope this helps! Excited to see how the chair turns out, make sure to post pics!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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